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sabi buys: COTTON ON in USA!



Saturday~ what a day well spent! :3 Treebear Bon and I went to the local plaza this afternoon and had coffee and hot chocolate at Barns and Nobles whilst reading the hotly off the press “The Grand Design“! (by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow). The book was thinner than I had imagined it would be… […]

sabi eats: GODIVA chocolates~ yum~ :3



I haven’t done anything house-wifey the past few days other than making bentos (which looks exactly the same as the ones before… thus no point blogging the pics~ (^^;))! Over the long weekend my Aunty came visit from overseas and gave me a box of GODIVA chocolates~ so divine~ X3 Expensive chocolates (by my budget) […]

sabi fixes: the Xbox~ p(^-^)



Challenge for tonight! Fix TreeBear Bon’s Xbox 360! p(>.<) For the past two weeks, our Xbox has suffered from the “Red Ring of Death” syndrome~ :( ¬†This usually means that there has been a hard disk failure and “would require internal service” (as put by¬†Wikipedia) Well this evening after dinner… TreeBear Bon started to disassemble […]

sabi buys: Kokeshi bento~



It’s arrived!!! p( >w<)q The very very cute Kokeshi bento box (from Bento&Co) which I spotted off maki’s Just Bento website as a giveaway. This range of bento boxes is fashioned off the Japanese traditional Kokeshi dolls, which are crafted from wood. More info about these dolls can be found at the Wikipedia website. ;p […]

sabi recipe #1: stir-fried beef patty with veggies and shrimp



Unbelievable! :O I’m actually posting a second post on my blog and only the day after the first! X3 (I have so many zero or 1-post blogs that I’ve lost track of them all… (^^;)) And on top of that!! I actually came up with a simple little dish of my own for dinner tonight~ […]

Goal: Virtuous Wife~ Let the adventure begin!



Hello world! (^-^)/ Growing up like the main girl character in Hotaru no Hikaru I’ve always found it hard to be the ideal girly girl. In this particular Japanese series the heroine, who has been described as a “dried fish”, tries to become the ideal girlfriend by trying to break her old habit of lazying […]