sabi buys: COTTON ON in USA!

Posted on 11/09/2010


Saturday~ what a day well spent! :3

Treebear Bon and I went to the local plaza this afternoon and had coffee and hot chocolate at Barns and Nobles whilst reading the hotly off the press “The Grand Design“! (by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow). The book was thinner than I had imagined it would be… as it was suppose to be about the “Answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything!”, much like the non-fiction version of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you’d think it’d be encyclopedia size. But then I guess life may be much simpler than we think it is? Anyways…after a good half hour of reading… it started to feel like a very very long review article… and not half as funny as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (I guess it was non-fiction… (^^;)) Flicking through to the later chapters though, I think things would pick up pace and get more interesting.

The answer to life, the universe and everything?

Anyways… after that~ as we were walking back to the car we encountered the very Aussie clothing store “COTTON ON“!!!!  We’d never imagine that it’s finally made it’s way to the US market~ :’) Remembering the days as a poor student back in Australia… COTTON ON would be the only store that we could find affordable clothes that fit our tastes! Sooo~ of course we had to go in and do some splurging! XD Just like back in Australia, there were really cheap sale items at the back ranging from $5-$20!

This one wasn’t a sale item.. but was so cute  with the bat wings that I just had to take a picture of it~ X3

sabi trying on top with bat wings! :D

I did end up buying two items~ :D And together it only ended up costing around $15 (after tax)!! Yay COTTON ON!! Welcome to USA~ X3

sabi's buy #1

sabi's buy #2