sabi eats: GODIVA chocolates~ yum~ :3

Posted on 08/09/2010


I haven’t done anything house-wifey the past few days other than making bentos (which looks exactly the same as the ones before… thus no point blogging the pics~ (^^;))!

Over the long weekend my Aunty came visit from overseas and gave me a box of GODIVA chocolates~ so divine~ X3 Expensive chocolates (by my budget) do taste a lot finer than the regular blocks. While I was indulging on my 4th little piece of heaven, feeling very loved and happy, I noticed the nutritional facts on the back of the box…

suggested serving size: about 3 pieces.

% Daily value of total fat (based 2000 calories diet) 21%

Eeek~ (>.<;) 1/5th of daily fat intake eaten in less than 10mins~ (=.=lll)