sabi fixes: the Xbox~ p(^-^)

Posted on 03/09/2010


Challenge for tonight! Fix TreeBear Bon’s Xbox 360! p(>.<)

For the past two weeks, our Xbox has suffered from the “Red Ring of Death” syndrome~ :(  This usually means that there has been a hard disk failure and “would require internal service” (as put by Wikipedia)

sabi Xbox fixing

Well this evening after dinner… TreeBear Bon started to disassemble the Xbox… he’s been all sad and low in energy these days due to the lack of playing his favorite game FIFA10… and I don’t blame him, playing FIFA is his way to release the day’s stresses. At first we had thought the Ring of Death was due to the lack of thermal glue, which is used to conduct the heat from the CPU (?) to the heat sinks… but it turned out that wasn’t the case… (=.=;) After a whole lot of googling and trial and error… it turned out that because the Xbox was sent to service before for overheating problems some wires had been cut and reconnected which usually wouldn’t be… and it was those wires that were loose… in particular the wires were power sources leading to 1. the fan… 2. the DVD reader… 3. the hard disk (?)…. And after a whole lot more fiddling around… we finally managed to get power to all that required power….  and TreeBear is now happily playing Milan vs. Real Madrid! Yay~ for the apprentice housewife! Not bad for someone who don’t know her computer stuff aye~  (^-^)/


Today’s lunch~ starring Tom the Kokeshi lunchbox~

2/9/2010 bento

sabi bento combo #2:

  • Stir-fried noodles with green bell pepper and minced beef
  • shredded KFC chicken (leftovers… (^^;))
  • meat ball (leftover attempt of the mini cabbage rolls from maki’s website)
  • Seaweed (ready made from Asian market)
  • Boiled veges and giant cherry tomatoes
  • Fruit: pineapple and watermelon

Last night I also tried maki’s cabbage mini-rolls… but instead of using Chinese cabbage we only had iceberg lettuce at home… the wrapping part was pretty ugly already due to the fragility of the lettuce… but after the boil/steaming in the rice cooker… the lettuce turned a bit see-through and made my “lettuce” mini-rolls look brown and even more ugly… :'( meh~ I should follow the recipe more closely next time.. (^^;) Here’s a picture of my failed attempt that we had for dinner~

sabi's failed "lettuce" mini-rolls

Update: 3/9/10: mini “lettuce” rolls in the bentos today~ :)

sabi 03.09.2010 bento