sabi buys: Kokeshi bento~

Posted on 31/08/2010


It’s arrived!!! p( >w<)q

The very very cute Kokeshi bento box (from Bento&Co) which I spotted off maki’s Just Bento website as a giveaway.

This range of bento boxes is fashioned off the Japanese traditional Kokeshi dolls, which are crafted from wood. More info about these dolls can be found at the Wikipedia website. ;p (yes… i’m tired and am too tired to research on them… (>.<;))

Anyways~ I bought the “Tom” version of this very cute little person bento box and it arrived in a really timely manner despite me choosing the cheapest and slowest delivery option.  Now I’m tempted to get the Chinese little guy~ X3 Just too cute~

photo taken by sabi

Also here’s the picture of today’s lunch bento~ First time that I made Mr. TreeBear’s bento also~ I need to work on more recipes so there’s more variation to the bento… (=.=;)

photo taken by sabi

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