sabi recipe #1: stir-fried beef patty with veggies and shrimp

Posted on 26/08/2010


Unbelievable! :O I’m actually posting a second post on my blog and only the day after the first! X3 (I have so many zero or 1-post blogs that I’ve lost track of them all… (^^;)) And on top of that!! I actually came up with a simple little dish of my own for dinner tonight~ :D

sabi recipe #1: Stir-fried Beef Patty with Veggies and Shrimp

Serves 2 small portions (1 serving equivalent to a bento serving)

Preparation time approx. 20mins (?) — I forgot to time myself (>.<;)


  • frozen 1/4 pound beef patty (left over from the wedding BBQ few weeks ago~)
  • 1/4 green bell pepper, chopped into cubes
  • ~1 Tablespoon finely chopped green onion
  • some frozen shrimp (maybe ~10), chopped up into bits


  • Heat up pan at medium heat with the frozen beef patty sitting on top to defrost at the same time
  • Keep flipping the beef patty until it’s defrosted enough to break it up into little bits, so that it becomes mince (so obviously mince can be used instead of hamburger patties… but that’s just what i had in the fridge)
  • Cook it til the pan is covered with the beef patty oil and remove the beef from the pan leaving the oil there. (the beef doesn’t have to be cooked totally at this stage yet)
  • Using the beef patty oil stir-fry the green onion, green bell pepper and shrimp in that order
  • Continue stir-frying til the shrimp starts going pink and then add the minced beef patty meat back into the pan and stir-fry some more until done~
  • Enjoy~ :3

Anyways~ I had 1 serving of this for dinner together with some stir-fried veggies (forgot it’s name… (>.<;)) with garlic and some GIANT cherry tomatoes! (plus some side-dishes that i bought from the Asian supermarket~ :3 The rice I didn’t even have to cook since I had just microwaved one of last night’s frozen aliquots~ X3 I’m really liking this bento thing more and more~ and just before end of the day at work I’d be so excited to get home to see what I can cook up for dinner and tomorrow’s bento~ (I hope this enthusiasm lasts… (^^;))

Again… I’d have to wait til Mr. TreeBear gets back before I can upload the pictures… (=.=;) *sigh*

Ciao~ (^-^)/

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