Goal: Virtuous Wife~ Let the adventure begin!

Posted on 25/08/2010


Hello world! (^-^)/

Growing up like the main girl character in Hotaru no Hikaru I’ve always found it hard to be the ideal girly girl. In this particular Japanese series the heroine, who has been described as a “dried fish”, tries to become the ideal girlfriend by trying to break her old habit of lazying around at home bumming around in her spare time. Yes, like her… I also love to do nothing at home. And incidentally, like the heroine in her second series that just came out recently… I got married! (well… she might be by the end of the series.. we’ll see…)

Anyways, so in effort to become the virtuous wife that I never imagined I’d be… I’m going to try and learn things all virtuous wives should know and be masters of. (hope I can keep updating this blog… unlike my other empty blog sites… (^^;))

Lesson number 1: Cooking

I thought I’d start with something easy, useful and that would save the budget. Bentos~ (^-^)/ I don’t know why… but everytime Mr. Bon is away and I’m home alone… I ALWAYS end up buying something that I wouldn’t normally buy. (=.=;) Last time I bought an camera… this time I bought a matching set of cute bento boxes with little rabbits on the top. (Please remember that I’m not a girly girl too… (>.<;)) Anyways…*cough*…  my current addiction craze is bentos!! X3

Thanks to the masterful works of maki owner of the Just Bento and Just Hungry websites, I managed to come up with some sort of bento materials~ :3

Bento combo #1:
1 egg tamago (maki’s reci
tuna tofu miso mini burgers (maki’s recipe)
boiled broccoli, mini-carrots and enoki mushroom

this is the trial run that I ate for dinner~ X3 not bad at all… except maybe the tuna tofu miso mini burgers should be been cooked a little longer… it was kinda like medium rare state inside.. (^^;) the 1 egg tamago came out really really well! (I’ve tried some proper tamago recipes the few nights ago.. and there was no layering going on at all… plus it got burnt… (=.=;)) I also managed to freeze away little aliquots of the tuna tofu miso mini burgers and the rice like maki said to do! :3 so once i start building up more stashs of food bento making will become easier~ X3

P.S. (>.<;) I couldn’t upload my pictures from my camera because my computer couldn’t read my SD card… :'( will have to wait til Mr. TreeBear gets back… meh~


26/08/2010 Update: It took me maybe 30mins to pack my lunch this morning~ that includes cooking the tamago (which came out really good~ X3 note to self: add less soysauce for the vibrant yellow you see on other peoples blogs), pan-frying the tofu burgers and boiling the veges~ Onwards with the bento adventures~ ~~~~(*^^)/

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